Management Trainee

Job Summary: To participate in a training experience to learn the skills necessary to effectively manage a retail location. To learn to be responsible for the complete operations, sales volume, and profitability of the total store. In addition, provide leadership and supervision of the store personnel. Must be able to relocate following completion of training.


• Learn to delegate through others… Follow the example set by the manager
• Develop communication skills between employees, customers, and corporate officials
• Become familiar with company policies and procedures
• Learn to allocate a monthly budget for departmental work schedules
• Become familiar with recruiting and hiring procedures for new employees
•Develop evaluation and training skills to motivate employees
• Practice and exemplify customer service techniques
• Develop strategies to merchandise the sales floor, increase
MORE card program participants and increase sales volume
• Develop security strategies by working in conjunction with Loss Prevention to monitor financial department, stockroom, dressing rooms, etc. for potential security concerns
• Develop strong public relations skills in order to promote the image of Hamrick’s
• Develop disciplinary skills by observing managers in the discipline of employees
• Develop skills to correctly monitor sales performance of the store
• Develop the skills for personnel motivation and team building
• Other duties assigned by management

Special abilities, required skills, or education needed
to perform the essential job functions:

•Business related or Fashion Merchandising degree or several years of retail experience preferred. Organization and time management skills required.

Physical demands of the job:

• Position requires vigorous amounts of bending, standing and lifting.

OSHA Standards:

This job is classified as a category “2” for being at risk or exposure to HIV,

hepatitis, and other infectious diseases.

Interested candidates should forward resume with salary history to:
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Please fill out and email back to us at or fax to 864-489-6420.

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