Loss Prevention Agent

Job Summary: The Loss Prevention Agent works as a member of a team responsible for the protection of company assets by preventing inventory shrinkage due to accidents. Identifies, prevents, corrects and eliminates loss caused by internal, external, and paperwork errors.


Identifies all forms of loss and assists in creating shortage control solutions
Monitors, investigates, and controls inventory loss
Conducts internal and external investigations, writes and maintains reports, testifies in court cases, interviews subjects, suspects, witnesses, and victims
Conducts surveillance and detains shoplifters
Maintains, controls, and safeguards evidence
Conducts safety reviews and inspections
Conducts routine employee spot checks on purchases, holds, personal belongings and trash
Operates and trains Loss Prevention personnel on CCTV (if applicable)
Conducts routine physical security checks
Responsible for the development, coordination and execution of the emergency/disaster plan
Maintains and manages all physical security equipment
Performs other security/safety duties as assigned by management

Special abilities, required skills, or education needed to perform the essential job functions: Basic knowledge of shoplifting laws and/or law enforcement experience required; must possess a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation (to be able to attend court cases, travel to police station(s), & perform other duties outside of Hamrick's facilities).

Physical demands of the job: Sitting for extended periods of time, standing, walking, and the physical ability to apprehend and detain shoplifters.

OSHA Standards: This job is classified as a category “2” for being at risk or exposure to HIV, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases.

Interested candidates should forward resume, with salary history to:


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Please fill out and email back to us at jobs@hamricks.com or fax to 864-489-6420.

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